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Created in response to the twitter outcry after the untimely death of Aaron Swartz.  Created by Patrick Socha and myself, using a variety of technologies and (P|S|I)aaS frameworks and providers to archive and aggregate open-access research material linked from Twitter.

A brand new project, with the intent on monitoring the state of the world's internet, specifically whether a country has been disconnected by their government in times of political unrest.  Further information is available on the site itself: and the site's FAQ and this blogpost

Development of an API for interfacing a Velleman K8055 USB Interface board. 

This was developed as a personal project. Total development took approximately 6 months. This project gave me more experience with the creation of library based functions. The entirety of the project was written in C. 

Recently I started developing a Qt4 GUI to interface to the original C drivers. This is now working and available on request.

Development of a Computer model of Biological Cell Movement. 

This was a BBSRC funded studentship based at the University of Birmingham.

The model implemented a mathematical model of movement based on a chemical gradient. The model was written in C++, and maps of the gradients were produced with the R statistical language. 


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