You might be interested in the latest copy of my CV.  It's fairly complete with most of the interesting stuff that I've been doing at work.  I'll try to keep it more up to date than I have in the past.



2012-12-20 Tom O'Connor
adding information about secretsales, and Astound Wireless contracts

2012-08-08 Tom O'Connor
Updated CV to include work at Baseblack and Astound Wireless
Removed old and out of date info

2011-10-15 Tom O'Connor
Updated CV to include work at Glasses Direct
Removed some cruft, old jobs from the bottom of the stack
Reformatted slightly, and updated info


It has come to my attention that some recruiters like to edit my CV before sending it onward.  As a result, I advise that if you receive a copy of something claiming to be my CV, you verify the file checksums as below.

MD5 (md5sum)




SHA1 (sha1sum)



If for whatever reason, the checksum doesn't match, I advise you re-download an original copy from the link on this page.



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